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Over the years the cars we have owned have been well past their sell-by date and of simple construction. Both the Austin and the Vauxhall had a very low tech system of supplying fuel to the carburettor from the petrol tank. This consisted of a thin plastic pipe running on the underside of the car and held to the body by any number of metal tags. Completely exposed therefor and on two occasions we had the petrol tank drained of fuel by some enterprising person simply cutting the plastic pipe. The annoying thing was that there was only enough juice in the carb to see you a few hundred yards up the road. On both occasions it meant having to abandon the vehicle until a repair could be done. It was annoying that I had to trek to town to obtain a new piece of plastic pipe. Most annoying on the second occasion was that it was raining and I found myself under the vehicle, lying in the roadside gutter with the rain running past my ear! Also, as we have progressed with the upgrading of the quality of our “new” cars, someone in the locale has been unhappy with our improving our lives and on more than one occasion we have had the cars keyed and the wipers bent.

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