Murder Investigation

The first job I had was working for Age Concern. It was financed by the Manpower Services Commission way back in the early 1980’s. It was simple enough. At their request go and tidy the gardens of the elderly whose situation meant they were no longer able to look after it. The job was for a year only, but I could use and claim mileage for my car. Mower and other tools stuck in the boot and wheelbarrow on the roof. The job went smoothly all year and I was in my final week or so when I was required to attend a house in Lower Compton. During the week, my team had already spent some time there, but this was a Saturday and I was on my own. I turned up on site with my Austin 1100 loaded to the hilt, including the wheelbarrow on the roof rack. Spend most of the day there and eventually finished work early afternoon. Had some paperwork signed by the customer and left. It was my last day with Age Concern as I was starting a new job as a Warehouseman with Marks & Spencer.

A few days later I read in the paper that the lady of the house I had attended ( a widow) had been murdered. Thought it pertinent to contact the Police as it appeared I may have been the last one to see her alive. They interviewed me once at home and once at work. They must have considered me a little suspect as they also interviewed Amanda. One tends to think no-one notices things but I was fairly unmissable as I used to wear light blue overalls to keep me warm ( I hadn’t acclimatised yet) and also wore a pair of dessert shoes which a neighbour recalled. The wheelbarrow on the car roof rack also stuck out. Because of my accent I thought I was for the high jump. It turned out that the perpetrator was the Australian lodger who had become entangled in a robbery that had gone wrong! A few weeks later I read in the newspaper that he was arrested on the ferry to France and later convicted. My fingerprints are probably still on file!

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