M5 Incident

Amanda and I were travelling back down the M5 and were in the region of Taunton when something happened that made me realise that God - really is God! I was keeping within the 70 mph speed limit and remember wishing we were already home. That particular stretch of straight road near Taunton and Weston Super Mare is mind numbing to say the least. As I was going along I sort of remember being passed by a much faster car and I vaguely recall it being extremely close to me. Not usually one to be panicked on the road I admit it gave me a fright as I thought there was going to be a collision. I swerved, what I perceived to be slightly to the left. However it was more than I needed and at that speed it proved nearly fatal. I was now heading for the barrier on the left at a tremendous rate and realised I needed to correct myself. With a screech of tyres I overcorrected the car and this time we are headed into the fast lane. I panicked this time and swerved again back towards the barrier. By now everything was in slow motion and realising I no longer had control of my heavy Ford Mondeo estate there was only one place to go. I said out loud “Lord”. To this day I still cannot recall how the car managed to come to a swift halt after a 180 degree spin. We were now on the hard shoulder with the car facing the wrong way but the car is OK and we are not injured. Very relieved we get out and climb over the barrier to a safe spot, me a bit tense to say the least! Amanda called the Police and within minutes the Highway Patrol was with us. One policeman blocked the inside lane with their Patrol car and the other turned our Mondeo around the right way. With a huge sense of relief – and awe - we were soon on our way back Plymouth. Amazing - what more can I say!

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