Burglary Harwell Court

I was already working for M&S as a warehouse man and my shift was in the evenings. Monday was different as I only worked a few hours starting at 6am. Sunday nights therefor I slept quite light being aware I needed to rise early. I was awoken one night by a noise. I lie still in bed and listen some more and can hear the clanking of plates. I knew someone was in the kitchen as the plates were on the sink near the window. Unfortunately we had left the window latched but slightly open. It was at this stage I see a dark object on the bedroom floor and it is moving quietly across the room at the bottom of the bed. I remember thinking – how did a dog get in here! I sat up slightly as the object had almost reached Amanda’s side of the bed. Within a few seconds a figure leapt up and managed to exit the flat through the kitchen. Not knowing if anything was taken I decided to give chase but it took me a while to open the front door. Madder than a snake I was soon hot on the heels of 2 men. The clanking plates had been the work of the second trying to clear a path over the sink. I raced down the stairs fairly close to the 2nd perpetrator but by the time I had made it to the car park, they had gone. Taking a guess I ran up Cornwall street right up to North Cross but saw no-one. Making my way back to the flat I am grateful it is about 4am. My pyjamas are a pair of boxers!

I arrive back at the flat to find Amanda white as a sheet. She thought Teressa had been kidnapped and had become panicky to say the least. After she has calmed we examine the scene to find Amanda’s handbag has already been rifled. Have to smile at this stage! Amanda’s bag was always empty of cash and we never had any credit cards in those days. There was also no TV or stereo etc. Very slim pickings indeed – perhaps the figure crawling around the bedroom was hoping to find something! The police came and went and even employed a dog but the dog lost track near North Cross. Thereafter we never opened the kitchen windows and I went as far as chaining them up. I went to work as usual that Monday morning and by the end of the day I became aware how sore my feet were – I had also been barefoot at the time of the chase. Thanks to the Lord for protection.

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