Arriving in the UK

After the advent of Zimbabwe independence, we decied that there was no future in Zimbabwe and we had to move. We couldn’t go to Australia as we could not meet their stringent points system. We had no intention of travelling to South Africa (if I may borow from the Good Book – the writing was on the wall!) So England it was. We were fortunate to be able to enter the UK as Amanda’s parents were Londoners and she had a British Passport. I was even luckier being married to her!

Our plan for moving to the UK was to go to Amanda’s Aunts house in Enfield and stay until we could arrange a bus trip to Plymouth. Before we moved to the UK, we were in touch with Pastor Joel Lewis who had married Amanda and I in Bulawayo. (see baptism photo) We had decided that we needed someone we knew when we arrived and the arrangement was that when we arrived in Plymouth we would go to a house that had been kindly lent to us by Church members our Pastor knew. We would house-sit in exchange for rent but decided that we would pay for utilities as long as we were there. When we eventually collected our baggage at Heathrow our immediate problem was how to get to Enfield. We had no money to spend on a taxi and Amanda’s aunt had not offered to collect us. We were also freezing as it was minus 4 when we landed. Dressed in our African style “winter” clothes offered us no protection whatsoever. We didn’t really know what to do, however The Lord was extremely good to us that day. We were approached by a man as he thought it looked as though we needed help. (Must have been the large amount of dithering about!). He drove us to Enfield with our 6 suitcases dropping us outside the front door. I cannot recall his name and we never saw him again! Really amazing.

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