Another Accident

Travelling back from Harare one day Amanda and I we are still some way off the turning to My Dad’s farm which was about 12 miles from Gweru. I am driving Amanda’s Austin 1100. Another vehicle is approaching me on the strip road. Zimbabwe’s strip roads consist of 2 tyre width pieces of tarmac running down the centre of the road but it is only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. When two vehicles meet they need to give way to each other by moving to the left. The offside wheel is on the tarmac and the nearside is on the hard packed dirt that consists of the rest of the road. So, at a safe distance I move off to the left. It is an army truck coming towards me so I had to move over some more because of its width. It all kicked off then! I move over too far and the nearside wheel engages with the loose sand at the edge of the road. Deposited there by wear, tear and rain it must be at least a foot deep. I am also doing about 60 mph. With the offside wheel on a hard surface and the nearside wobbling to keep straight, I see a gate coming up and decide that I may get away with aiming for it thus accessing much harder ground. I lose control, over steer and the next few seconds sees the car on its right side and sliding through the open gate coming to a standstill! Car is still running and my first thought is turn off the engine and get out in case there is a fire. We are not injured - especially Amanda she having landed on top of me! Passenger window is open, we clamber out. I am stunned it happened so quickly but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling pretty sheepish! The army truck has thankfully stopped. Car on its side what now! Would you believe there was a whole lotta guys travelling on the back of the army truck. They came over, saw we were OK and then tipped the Austin back onto its wheels. No windows broken, some biggish dents down the driver side of the car. Everything else is working and we continue to the farm. How good is our God!

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