The Strength of the Lord!

Before I had a car of my own Amanda used to drive us and we often liked to take a drive somewhere outside of Bulawayo, usually on a Sunday afternoon. On this particular occasion we were returning from a drive on the outskirts of Bulawayo. As we trundled along on our return Amanda had to pull over onto the side of road. The handling of the car told us both we had got a puncture. Front nearside. Great! All we need to do then is change the tyre. Got the wheel spanner and the spare is in the boot - but hang on - no car jack! What are we going to do now – where we had broken down there was no way we could get help from anyone we knew. We are in the sticks and phone booths are nonexistent. And being a Sunday there is no-one about! Amanda suggests she can lift the Austin 1100 so that I can take the flat off and put the spare on. Do you think you can I asked. Yes, the reply was pretty confident. (I can't remember if we prayed or not) I take the spare out of the boot and put it very close to hand as speed will be paramount! Then I loosen the wheel nuts take them off and put them aside. In the moments that followed, would you believe that is exactly what the young slip of a girl did. Put her hands into the wheel arch and I couldn’t believe that the front of the Austin was raised just clear of the ground for me to whip off the flat and put on the spare. Replaced the wheel nuts, tightened them and off we went down the road - praising the Lord! I am still aghast that actually happened!

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