My signet ring

Before I managed to save enough money to purchase a car I used to hike. I didn’t do a lot of travelling as such only needing on occasion to get home to visit my parents. On most occasions heading to my parents in Gweru, I would be dropped at an intersection outside Que Que (now Kwe Kwe). It was the turning to the town of Redcliff where there was a very large steel producing factory. I was dropped off very late one afternoon with a small piece of luggage. I began to anticipate spending the night in the bush as within an hour it was beginning to get dark. Gweru was another 40 miles and I did not think there would be any more traffic on the road. It got dark. For some reason I needed to access my luggage – I think it was to get a track suit top as it was getting cool. I opened the case up and scratched about a bit in the dark. I heard a small sort of small woosh ping and my heart sank. The gold and black onyx ring I had casually tossed into my case was now in the long grass somewhere. Pitch black and no torch with me I spent some time resigning myself to it being lost. Fortunately it wasn’t long before I did get a lift to Gweru that night and my mind was taken off its loss.

Heading back to see my parents again months later, I found myself back at that same intersection but this time it was early afternoon. Have a look for your ring - the thought crossed my mind. Don’t be silly! How am I expected to find something so small in metre long grass and without any idea of where I was standing in the dark on the particular night it was lost! Plenty of daylight still and it is a bright sunny day - the thought haunts me! My small piece of luggage was already on the ground so resignedly and without a shred of hope, I use it as a centre point and in an ever increasing circle, searched the grass around it. Cannot believe my eyes, within a few minutes and only feet from the luggage, lit up by the afternoon light is a shiny piece of metal in the grass. I still have that ring today! Two lessons therein “ God cares about the small things” and “ listen to the still small voice”

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