First Accident

Rhodesia - Late 70's : Working for the then Rhodesian Customs and Excise, at one stage I was based in Salisbury (Harare) where my duties centred around Salisbury Airport. It was before I had a car of my own and so I used Customs transport to get to the airport some 10 miles from the City. On most occasions there would be others who needed to get there and back so I would drive. Travelling back to Harare one evening I knew there was a car in front of me as I could see his vehicle tail lights. I was travelling fast as we all wanted to get home. I began to approach the car in front quite rapidly when all of a sudden his brake lights came on. Without time to think I took avoiding action and attempted to drive around him not knowing what he was doing but thinking all he was doing was stopping. I discovered later that he was turning right - his car indicator was not working – trying to keep the car on a path I knew that was devoid of obstacles, (ie) trees etc, I somehow managed a right turn into the intersection he was turning into. For a few seconds I thought I had got away with it but in the end, because of my speed, the car flipped onto its right side and slid to a stop. The 2 rear passengers remained uninjured but the passenger in front retained a minor cut from broken glass. The other car remained on the roadside unscathed! I was fortunate in not having to pay for the damage. Thank you Lord!

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