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Rhodesia - late 50's : When I was very young God was trying to move in my life and I recall being invited to Sunday School by an older friend. I went just the once, coming away feeling a bit confused about the story of Jonah and the whale. I had never heard it before and later I learned it was a story from the Bible – all I understood at the time was Christmas and Easter. I didn’t own a Bible at that age and at Christmas I used to wonder at the significance of the birth of baby Jesus – nobody ever said why his birth was important. More significantly, I sat in that class on that Sunday, for what seemed an eternity, gazing out the window and vowing I would never waste another Sunday morning indoors when the sunshine outside was beckoning me.

However it was God that was doing most of the beckoning but I made an excuse for not going to Church by intimating (to God) that if I was to attend a church, it had to be one that met my approval – I really liked straight preaching of the word and the eminence of Christ as its basis. Over the years God constantly messaged me about the fact that I could not rely on myself to be the good person I wanted to be. I needed Christ in order for me to be victorious. Of course the idea was there but I lived my life as any other young person at and after school and it would be many years before I came to the place where I needed my sins forgiving.

In the weeks ahead, the testimonies that are to follow are not in chronological order. They centre around me on my own and Amanda and I as a couple. You also will be amazed at the hand of protection and of the goodness of God.

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