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After a couple of months of arranging and re-arranging, Thursday 26th culminated in a meeting with Peter regarding my taking on a few website duties. It has been some time now that I agreed to become "Webmaster" and am pleased to inform the church that the New Life website is now "live" to the extent that I shall be regularly monitoring its activities. I also hope to make some contribution to the Stories section on the "About Us" page. Here is hoping that whilst I deal with the inner workings of our website, I am not subject to that special instance reserved, it seems, for those that need constant

access to this particular piece of I.T. kit (a computer). It has no discrimination against computer experience and even has a special name - the "ohnosecond". It

usually occurs at the end of a long and concentrated slog on the keyboard and now that your brain is fuzzy, happens when you press the wrong key!

Here is the Wiktionary definition ; " ohnosecond (humorous) The fraction of time between making a mistake and realizing it. "

I would like to start my Stories contribution by sharing the testimonies of Amanda and I, but have decided that, instead of standing up at the front of Church and giving an oratory record of God's goodness to us as a couple - as I tend to miss out detail - I thought it better that I write these down. So over the next 3 months, probably more, I shall post our stories on this page. However it is going to take some effort and I need to liase with Amanda to make sure I have remembered correctly, and indeed if I left anything out! They shall be in very basic chronological order, but I don't think either of us will be recall exact dates. However, I am able to split them up as to whether they occurred here or in Zimbabwe. The first of these testimonies will be on this page in a couple of weeks (or so!) Blessings.

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